Components of a Web page


In this lessons, students will learn:

  • How to identify the components of a web page

Components of a Web page

The header contains: your logo (almost always used as a link to get back to the home page), a search box, and perhaps other elements such as contact information, social media links, photos, or anything else that is important to show the visitor at the top of the screen.

  • Logo (Home link)
  • Name of Site
  • Main navigation
  • Sub navigation

Content Area
This is where the main content of the web page is located. Content can be in a number of different forms such as text, pictures, video and Flash movies. Sound can also be embedded in a web page such as background music.

  • Page Titles
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Body text/content
  • Feature image

This area often contains copyright notices, links to terms and conditions and a privacy statement.

  • Copyright statement (Page author or, in large enterprise sites, responsible party)
  • Sitemap
  • Social media
  • Contact details, especially email
  • Links to related sites or to the larger enterprise
  • Main navigation (Redundant navigation links, for long pages)

creativelive-2Choose one of favorite sites and create diagrams of the components of the web page.


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