Web Font

In this lessons students will learn

  • To use web-safe fonts in your web pages
  • To create font fallbacks (secondary fonts)

Class Exercise

  1. Create a new XHTML document and save it as “Last Name_First Name-web-font.html”.
  2. Set the title to be “Fonts”.
  3. Build a table with two columns and eleven rows.
    Using CSS, set the table to be 900px wide with a border of 1px.
  4. Make the first table row contain table header elements with 24px font size.  Set all table cells with appropriate padding and make all text to be a uniform 20px in size.
  5. Create separate classes for each table row, specifying the indicated font and a fallback font of either serif or sans-serif, depending on the primary font.
  6. Re-create the following table as closely as possible:

Upload the file at the end of period to the Google Classroom > Web Font.