Web Forms

Aim: How to create a simple web form

In this lessons, students will apply:

  • The different tools for collecting data



  • Whenever you want to collect information from visitors you will need a form, which lives in the <form> element.
  • Information from a form is sent in name/value pairs.
  • Each form control is given a name and the text the user types in or the values of the options they select are sent to the server.

ElementS Description
<label> Each form control should have it’s own <label> element. This makes the form accessible to vision-impaired users.
<fieldset> This element groups related controls. Most browsers show the fieldset with a line around the edge to show how they are related.
<legend> This element can come directly after the <fieldset> tag and controls the caption, which identifies the purpose of the group of form controls.
AttributeS Description
for This attribute states which form control, the label belongs to.