Text Effect Exercise

In this class exercise students will demonstrate

  • How to modify the use of text effects using CSS3 properties

Create an HTML5 document for the Text Effects.

  • Find four different CSS3 text effects on the internet using the properties discussed/demo in class.
    • text-shadow
    • box-shadow
    • Gradients
    • transition
  • Create four different backgrounds and place modified effects.
    • color
    • image
    • pattern
    • gradient
  • Embed a font style into each example. (Google Fonts or @font-face)
  • Use any style of words. Example: Pop Culture, Dreaming
    All of the pieces in one example needs to look like they belong together.
  • The document should have the four original CSS3 text effect and the modified version.

File name: LastName_FirstName-text_effect.html
Upload the file to the Google Classroom > Text Effect.

Upload at the end of class.
DUE: Monday, March 27, 2017