Project 1


At the end of this project, you will be able to

  • Create a valid HTML document using proper syntax and all required elements.
  • Use headings and paragraphs to organize the content of an XHTML document.
  • Present information with ordered and unordered lists.
  • Place line breaks and horizontal rules into a web page.
  • Link to external web pages.
  • Use the target attribute to open web pages in a new browser window.
  • Insert comments into a web page.

Project 1
Text, Lists, Links, and Comments


  1. Create a new file called lastName_firstName-Project_1.html.
  2. The title of the web page to be My First Web Page.
  3. As the first page content, the main heading that reads “Hello World!
  4. After the main heading, insert a horizontal rule.
  5. Below the main heading, add a sub-heading that reads, A place I would like to visit.
  6. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Add a paragraph naming this place and describe why you chose it.
  7. Add a new sub-heading that reads, A person I admire (past or present).
    Add a new paragraph and name a person you admire and briefly explain why (one paragraph).
  8. Add a line break between A person I admire and (past or present).
  9. After each of the existing paragraphs, insert a new paragraph element, add a link to an external web page related to that topic, i.e. the place you would like to visit and the person you admire. For the anchor content, describe the page to which you are linking. Make one of the two external links open into a new window.
  10. Add another sub-heading that reads, Favorite hobbies.
    Create an unordered list of your five favorite hobbies.
  11. Add a final sub-heading that reads, Favorite subjects.
    Create an ordered list of your five favorite subjects.
  12. Add two comments somewhere in your HTML document.
    (Comments in your code allows you to leave reminders and explanations for yourself and any other coder that will be working on the page).
  13. You must complete the project before the end of class.

Share folder to Google Classroom > Project 1.
Ask for assistance if you are not sure about a specific task.