Another Image Exercise


In this lesson, students will apply elements needed to:

In-class Exercise

Click on image to make larger

Create an HTML document (image_dessert.html).

  • Add the image of the logo to main header element to the document
  • Add the chocolate island image with the caption, ” This recipe….”
  • Add an external link to the image chocolate island image of its recipe.
  • Add a More Recipes as a sub-heading of <h4>
  • Add last four images
  • Document Structure Required


Upload the root folder (Project Folder) to the Google Classroom > Image Exercise.
Please name folder: Last Name_First Name-Images_Dessert

Download Files



Share folder link to the Google Classroom and submit.

Please click TURN IN after you submit.
DUE: Tuesday, September 25, 2018, at the end of class.

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