Visual Narrative – Wireframe Options

  1. Write the narrative for your journey based on each the images.
    (It must flow like a story!)
  2. Choose on Layout Option (Wireframe Sketches hardcopy):
    1. Layout 1 – Create wireframes for the home page and second page.
  3. Navigation only consists of 2 pages: Home and Story.
  4. Applications for final wireframe:, WireframePro or Google Drawing.
  5. References: Show images or links used. (Place URL into comment section)

File format: JPG or PNG

Place files into a folder: LastName_FirstName-Visual_Narrative-Wireframes
Share the folder to the Google Classroom > Wireframes – Visual  Narrative

Due: Friday, November 16, 2018.

Wireframe Resources
960 Grid System
Paper Browser