Final Project – Fan Site

A Fan Website

At the end of this project, you will be able to:

  • Create a multi-page fan website

Website Overview

Create a fan website containing a home page and four additional pages.
This site can be about your passion for music, movies, books, games or other types of entertainment. Let it be something you are interested in.

For example, a website about the Maroon 5 might include a brief biography of the band, a list of their albums, links to YouTube videos of their performances and a timeline of significant moments in their career.

It should reflect your personality and sense of humor.
When the project is complete, you will present it to the class.


  1. Research – DUE December 20
    • Part 1 – Short Description of Concept/Idea
      Two or more paragraphs stating your topic, the sections/categories
      (how you are braking up the information)
    • Part 2 – Research of Images
      Place images in a folder (minimum 20)
      Save links (sources/citation/copyright) to images to use at a later date
  2. Sitemap – DUE December 21
  3. Wireframe – DUE January 3
    • Two different ideas
  4. Design (Photoshop/Image editor file)  – DUE January 10
    • Five pages
  5. Coding
    • One External Style Sheet
    • Directory Structure

Dates are subject to change.

Project DUE at the end of class – January 18, 2019
I will not be accepting anything after the deadline.

MP3 Exam – January 17, 2019