Fan Site – Wireframes


At the end of this project, you will be able to:

  • Create a multi-page fan website
  • Create  wireframe options for your webpage


Create a fan website containing a home page and four additional pages.

This site can be about your passion for music, movies, books, games or other types of entertainment.


  1. Layout 1Create wireframes for the home page and one secondary page (2 pages).
  2. Layout 2 Create wireframes for the home page and secondary page (2 pages).
  3. Once you have complete and we (teacher and student) have chosen one, you will complete the remaining pages (3 pages) in that specific layout option.
  4. Resources/references needed. (Place URL into the comments)
  5. Format: Google Docs,, Photoshop.

Folder name: Last Name_First Name-Wireframes

You will submit 7 (minimum)pages into the folder.

Upload sharable link to the Google Classroom > FanSite – Wireframes

Due Thursday, January 3, 2019