Website Requirements

  1. Begin creating your personal website that complies with the following: STRUCTURE
    1. The page is 960 pixels wide and centered on the screen, no matter the screen resolution.
    2. All pages have a header sectioncontent section, and a footer section at the bottom.
    3. All pages have a navigation/menu section that includes links to all pages on the site.  The navigation menu can be horizontal (between the header and main content area) or vertical (left side of the main content area) but must be consistent for all pages.
    4. All pages use the same color scheme (4 colors minimum) and consistent fonts and text colors.
    5. All styling is accomplished with an External CSS style sheet.
  2. Have fun with the content, layout, and styling of the content, but be sure to include all of the following minimum requirements (more is OK) somewhere on your site: DESIGN
    1. Three different levels of heading elements.
    2. Paragraph elements with CSS styling applied.
    3. Ten or more images (not counting backgrounds).
    4. One ordered list of at least three items.
    5. A styled table that uses table headers, a caption, and one cell that spans at least two rows or columns.
    6. Use HTML and CSS comments.
    7. One embedded YouTube video.
    8. One Lightbox gallery (optional).
    9. Two different fonts with at least two fallbacks/secondary fonts declared for each.
    10. Font-style, font-weight, and text-decoration styles used at least once.
    11. One background image.  At least one use of the background-repeat property.
    12. Four Hex color codes (background or text).
    13. Two floated elements and the floats later cleared.
    14. Two external links with CSS styles defined for all four link states.
    15. Padding, border, and margins declared for at least two elements, using CSS shorthand.
    16. At least one instance of using multiple CSS selectors in the same declaration.