Final Project – Game Concept Design


  • Plan and design the layout for the design of the game.

During the next week, you will meet with your group and research and develop a concept /idea for your final group project.

  • Part 1 (Thursday and  Friday) – Based on the game you have chosen, research images that can be used. Sketch some idea of how it can be used.
  • Part 2 (Monday) – Sketch ideas for the game’s look.
    (Name of game, placement on the stage, icons/images used).
  • Part 3 (Tuesday and Wednesday) – Create the intro page (Promo design) in Photoshop (JPG or PNG).
    The intro page must contain a description of the game and the rules in the layout.
  • Submit sketches at the end of the design concept.
  • Part 4 (Thursday and Friday) – Code the Ad design of the game based on your Photoshop design.
    Take advantage of the knowledge of using web fonts, CSS3 styles, and animation.

Look at the concept for the Alien Attack as a reference.
Note: The concept idea needs to be in the design.

Content in Folder:
– Promo/Intro Design Layout (JPG or PNG)
– Coded the Intro Page (Ad/Promo Design) (HTML/CSS) intro.html
Directory Structure

Folder name: Team_Name-Game_Concept_Design 
Share folder link to the Google Classroom > Final Project Game Design.

Upload at the end of class.
DUE: Friday, May 17, 2019