Final Project Game Team

In this period, you will choose a group member and name your team.
Fill out the form below Final Project Team.
DUE: Friday, Aprily 12, 2018

Meet with your group and research and start to develop a concept /idea for your final group project.

Look at the concept of the Alien Attack as a reference.

We will be looking at another game next week.

Things to do:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for a new game.
  2. Assess the ideas and select the concept for your game.
  3. Name your game.
  4. Decide on the game’s field or board
    1. What images and designs appear on your board?
    2. What are the dimensions?
  5. Determine the number of player/s and develop the players’ roles.
  6. Summarize your game.
    1. Provide the context for the objective and rules that follow
  7. State the game’s objective.
  8. List the rules

Fill out form and submit at the end of class
Final Project Team

How to Invent a Game

Canvas Exercise


In this exercise, students will apply:

  • How to create the canvas
  • How to draw different shapes on it (square, rectangle, circle, semi-circle, lines, and triangle)

Draw an image to the canvas similar to the illustration of the board.
Feel free to improve and add to the drawing. (Extra Credit)

Canvas size: 
Width 640px and Height 480px

FIle name: LastName_FirstName-Canvas.html
Upload to the Google Classroom > Canvas

Canvas – Drawing Text and Loading Images


In this lesson, students will learn:

  • How to draw text to canvas
  • How to load an image into canvas

Drawing text

The canvas rendering context provides two methods to render text:

fillText(text, x, y [, maxWidth])
Fills a given text at the given (x,y) position. Optionally with a maximum width to draw.

strokeText(text, x, y [, maxWidth])
Strokes a given text at the given (x,y) position. Optionally with a maximum width to draw.