Color Psychology


  • True red is the most vibrant, compelling color, expressing excitement speed, power, joy, danger, and passion.
  • Red attracts immediate attention and brings objects or images to the foreground.
  • Red makes people feel warm. Coffee will seem hotter in a red cup than a blue one.


  • Yellow is the happiest color, associated with warmth, optimism and joy.
  • Yellow visually pops out at you, making it the most noticeable color.
  • Yellow stimulates clear thinking. Black type on a yellow background is the most legible color combination and aids in memory retention.


  • Orange is stimulating, energizing color that appears friendly, outgoing, cheerful, and adventurous.
  • Bright orange has very high visibility, making it ideal for warning signals or grabbing attention, even when used in small amounts.


  • Pale green is physically the most relaxing and calming color.
  • Vibrant green reminds people of the spring, nature, life, and youthful energy.
  • Dark greens are associated with stability and growth, suggesting high economic status.


  • Associations with blue are positive, making it an uplifting and peaceful color.
  • Navy blue demands respect, representing loyalty, trustworthiness, fidelity, and integrity.


  • Royal purple exudes class, power, passion, sensuality, and luxury.
  • Deep plum is spiritual and mysterious, with a serious dignified quality.
  • Lavenders and violets have a sweet, romantic, and nostalgic appeal.


  • Pink promotes affability while discouraging aggression against oneself as well as others.
  • Pink calms and soothes, and is thought to aid in digestion.
  • People who like pink are often sensitive and romantic.


  • Brown is warm, comforting color associated with earth, trees, hearth, and home.
  • Brown has a masculine, rugged quality that particularly appeals to men.


  • Gray represents noninvolvement, giving it a formal, dignified and conservative authority.
  • Unlike neutral brown, gray lacks warmth, which can make it appear remote, solemn, and bit gloomy when used alone.
  • Gray is associated with wisdom and maturity, adding to a moneyed appeal.
  • Metallic grays offer the promise of scientific and technological advances, as well as a sense of speed and competence.


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Pink suggest romance. A romantic color scheme using pastel times of pink, lavender, and peach will read as gentle and tender.

Orange conveys friendliness. These combinations convey open and easy and energy and movement.

Color combinations using yellow-orange or amber are the most welcoming.

Elegant color combinations uses only the palest tints, such as yellow mixed with white.

Possessing equal amounts of blue, yellow and green, which suggest health and prosperity. Using colors analogous to green on the color wheel will create strong color combination.

This combination are often copied from those with historical significance. Conservative colors consist of blue, burgundy, tan and green with gray or deepened hue.

The color combination are indicative of strength and authority. Intense royal blue is the centerpiece of any classic  grouping of colors.

The fullness of blue combined with the power of reds creates blue-violet. Combinations using this color symbolize authority and regal inspiration.

Color combination that are energetic often contain red-violet.

The color combination of black and white is classic and dramatic, but, when combined with a  single bright, such as red or hot pink, black and white is graphic. Black can be mysterious, even seductive.

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